FIFA 23: Most Deserving Players In Team Of The Year


In the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team calendar, as one of the most popular promotions and one of the highlights, Team Of The Year is able to offer the highest rated editions of the best players in the world. In the meantime, there's some items that FIFA 23 released earlier this year with them. Items here refer to World Cup Icons and normal Icon cards with game legends. In addition, for the 12 best players, by voting you have the opportunity to choose them and let them advance.

Historically, Lionel Messi was responsible for leading the way as World Cup Hero after one of the greatest players finally claimed the ultimate award. In FIFA 23, he as Argentine has the highest rated joint card currently, with a rating of 98, which is quite shocking. Messi's card is played on the right wing, with a top 99 dribbling, 97 passing and 98 shooting. Previously, in FIFA 23, the World Cup Team of The Tournament card had his name on it.

FIFA 23 Lionel Messi

Two Players Sit Behind Messi With 97 Overall Ratings

After Messi, there are 3 players with 97 overall ratings following him. Among them, PSG teammate Kylian Mbappe is inside. In addition to that, he was the best player in this promotion. Although his rating is not very high, compared to the number of games played by Messi, the French striker played more games. And in the transfer market, Kylian Mbappe's card is worth more than 10 million coins.

Usually, Mbappe's position is a striker. With his 98 dribbling and 99 top speed stats, he's hard to stop. However, compared with his teammates, his 87 physical stat will be more advantageous. Recently, in FIFA 23's latest "Team Of The Week", those players who performed well on the real pitch will appear on it.

Ballon d'Or winner Karim Benzema, as the last striker selected for this year's Team Of The Year, has won the Champions League title for Real Madrid once before, and won it again this time. Benzema is the most well-rounded striker of the three forwards, and he has all five key stats in the 90s. Among them, his hit rate is as high as 97, which makes him deadly in front of the goal. This time the upgrade allows him to truly replace those common players in Ultimate Teams, and the price is much lower than other players.

Three Good Midfielders

With another stellar season at Manchester City, Kevin De Bruyne is the highest rated midfielder at the time with a rating of 96. Although his performance in World Cup was not very good, it didn't affect him. In FIFA 23, the highest rated midfielder so far is Belgian star Zinedine Zidane. In the future, FIFA 23 Squad Building Challenges, more and more TOTY flashback stars will appear there. Croatian Luka Modric, who follows De Bruyne in Qatar, has made another big run for his country in World Cup. For you, he would be a good option because of his high stats across the board, although the veteran is not as quick as other midfielders in midfield.

The only Englishman to advance was Jude Bellingham. Because of his potential, you can expect to see him in a lot of Team Of The Years. In FIFA 23, Bellingham is the best all-round midfielder as he has a default midfield position, has very good overall statistics and has a high rating of 95. Currently, there is a card that can generate great chemistry for Ultimate Team. Through this card, you will know why his price has been rising in the transfer market. At the same time, it is also letting players return more than 2 million coins. On top of that, Bellingham is also able to use most of the new skill moves in FIFA 23, thanks to his 4-star skill stat.

This year, in FIFA 23, Manchester City striker Erling Haaland has improved a lot from his previous best rated 90 card and is now rated at 96, making him one of the best strikers in the game. And these huge changes are all because many players voted for him. If you can find him in your bag, with his physical stats among the top strikers in the world, you can use this card to bully opposing defenders. In FIFA 23, one of the most effective players executing the new power shots is Haaland.

Eder Militao Can Replace Virgil Van Dijk

In FIFA 23, Liverpool centre-back Virgil Van Dijk is the highest-scoring defender despite a poor year on the pitch. He has a speed of 88, a physical rating of 94 and a defensive rating of 97. Another Real Madrid star who has reached the top 11, Eder Militao, is Virgil Van Dijk's partner. Although the other statistics of the Brazilian Eder Militao are not very high, but his speed class is higher than that of Van Dijk and can really replace Van Dijk.

At full-back, two of the World Cup's standouts also make the squad with PSG's Achraf Hakimi and AC Milan's Theo Hernandez. Recently, Neymar was available as Moroccan's PSG team-mate in FIFA 23 promotion Centurions. The joint fastest player in the game, Hakimi has a top speed stat of 99. In making him stand out for his country en route to the semi-finals.

Usually, in Team Of The Year, it is difficult to see the goalkeeper's name. But in FIFA 23, another key player in Real Madrid's squad, Thibaut Courtois, has won the honor. To add to an Ultimate Team squad, Belgian will only set you back a fraction of the price, unlike the other stars in the promotion. Still, the best goalkeeper card to date is Thibaut Courtois.

Once again, Team Of The Year has the best cards in FIFA 23 so far. However, in the transfer market, the prices of these cards are very high.