FIFA 23: Olise's Card Will Receive an Update and Become Available


Palace fans, get ready to celebrate as Michael Olise has just been named in the FIFA 23 Team of the Week for his spectacular performance against Leeds United.

The talented winger made history by becoming the youngest player ever to create three goals in open play in a single Premier League match.

His team's dominant 5-1 victory at Elland Road will be one for the books, and Olise's impressive skills on the pitch have rightfully earned him a place in the prestigious Team of the Week. Congratulations to Michael Olise on this incredible achievement!

FIFA 23 Olise

Olise, an extraordinarily talented football player, has been exclusively selected from a vast pool of exceptionally skilled players who hail from various leagues across the globe.

He has been specifically handpicked to be one of the highly sought-after collectible "cards" in EA SPORTS' immensely popular football video game.

This remarkable achievement not only highlights his impressive skills on the field but also recognizes his exceptional prowess and unmistakable contributions to the sport, making him a true standout among many other great footballers.

Olise's incredible skill and talent on the football field has earned him a significant achievement - his card in 'Ultimate Team' mode has received an "in-form" version update.

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This update has boosted his overall rating from an impressive 77 points out of 100 to an outstanding 88. The update has also improved Olise's in-game dribbling rating from 80 to 91 and his pace rating from 80 to 92.

In addition, his passing attribute has been increased from 76 to 89, his shooting from 70 to 82, his defending from 50 to 62, and his physicality from 53 to 65. This impressive upgrade cements Olise's admirable reputation as a noteworthy footballer and is sure to captivate the hearts of his fans around the world.

The admirable No. 7 from the Palace team has made history as the first player from the team to feature in FIFA's Team of the Week for the current season.

Fans can now eagerly anticipate his card becoming available in the game, promptly available for in-game use from 18:00 on Wednesday, April 12th. can provide FUT 23 Coins for players who want to get this card.

This season has been quite the success for the Palace team, with several players receiving special themed 'upgrades' in addition to Olise.

These players include the exceptional Wilfried Zaha, the talented Marc Guéhi, and the skilled Jack Butland. Such themed upgrades showcase the impressive abilities of these football players and their contributions to the success of the Palace team this season.

Guéhi Praises Olise

Marc Guéhi has emphasized that the renewed confidence of the Crystal Palace squad played a significant role in their consecutive victories.

Marc Guéhi praised the displays of various Crystal Palace players, particularly goalkeeper Sam Johnstone who earned his first Premier League start for the club, pointing out that his fantastic saves were instrumental in the team's success.

He thinks Michael [Olise] was amazing. Marc Guéhi emphasized that the team's success was a result of a cohesive effort, and that individual performances naturally shine in such a collective effort. He described it as a true team performance that allowed individuals to stand out, which was a great feeling for the team.

Regarding the upcoming away fixture against Southampton at St Mary's Stadium, Marc Guéhi stressed the significance of taking things one game at a time.

While it may sound like a cliché, our next game is crucial for us. We will use our training week effectively and apply the valuable lessons we learned in our previous match against Leeds to aim for another successful outcome.