How To Build Your Punisher Slayer In Lost Ark? - Class Engraving, Skill & Preference


To bring you the comfort of Lost Ark life, here I present one of my Slayer build. Maybe you can use these tips as a reference to build your own Slayer build. Now, come with me and I’ll tell you what you need.

Class Engraving

They released this Slayer class on KR on January 18, 2023. It’s now over 8 months since release, so most of the class builds are now formalized. Class Engraving I want to introduce here is Punisher.

Punisher Class Engraving is more like an Igniter Sorceress. While her identity is active, known as Burst Mode, she will have many useful buffs. So, her key or similar core DPS comes from her identity activation.

Lost Ark: How To Build Your Punisher Slayer?

Therefore, like other identity-reliant classes, she requires a high level of specialization to perform better in most raids. So it’s more like a class that dumps everything during identity uptime.

Combat Stat & Engraving

As you might expect, her main combat attributes are Specialization and Swiftness stat. To be honest, she is a back-attack type. Therefore, it’s natural for her to use Entropy Gear set to gain stability and better performance in raids.

But instead of using extra attributes as speed, she has a pretty good Critical Rate on her own. With her Entropy, Back Attack, herself Critical Stat, Adrenaline, Rage or Burst Mode, it guaranteed her to have around 60%-70% Critical Rate. So, you don’t have to worry too much about her Critical Rate.

In Engraving, Critical Rate of Punisher, Grudge, Ambush Master and Raid Captain are fixed. For Cursed Doll, you can also use Keen Blunt Weapon instead.

Personally, if you want your Punisher Slayer to have overwhelming damage, I recommend using Cursed Doll and Adrenaline. And it’s most useful when used right away.

For those who want to use Keen Blunt Weapon. There are some requirements that need to be met in order to receive Keen Blunt Weapon’s Entropy class damage increase factor.

According to my experience, you need to meet the requirements of Critical Rate. If you want to get the same 16% damage boost factor as using Keen Blunt Weapon. Then you need at least a Critical Rate of about 90%-94% to be fully effective. So, if you want to use a sharp blunt instrument on your Slayer, try using Level 3 Adrenaline for a better Slayer performance.

Lost Ark: Class Engraving explained things you must know!

Pros & Cons

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of Punisher Slayer. Unlike Specialization build, Slayer is quite capable. In most cases, Slayer can easily clear everything and harvest large amounts of Lost Ark Gold. She had massive damage performance.

Another great thing about Slayer is that she has a nice and simple mechanic. Most of her mechanics are easy to learn and understand, and can be used easily. Therefore, Slayer is also friendly to beginners.

But as you might expect, her performance of harm come through in terms of identity. She is almost nothing without identity. This may be more than you expected, or the mechanism may disappoint you. As the developers say, this is a hindrance to her massive damage performance. Without the identity itself, her damage performance could drop significantly.

The most important thing is that most of her skills rely on Burst Mode. So you must use the fundamental skill to perform Stagger, Destruction, and Counter. You need to remember the timing of gimmicks across the team and use your skills at the exact moment.

Lost Ark: Slayer Punisher Guide

Core Mechanic

The core mechanics of Slayer are Focus and Burst Mode or Rage Mode, which are similar to identity supply classes. So you can fill up your identity meter with Focus Tripod or some hybrid skills and cast all skills while identity is active.

Skill Composition

We can divide her skill composition into two categories, namely identity supply part and damage dealing skill part. One feature of Slayer’s skill set is that her Counter and Synergy are combined into one. So, sometimes you have to choose your next move more carefully.

Ground Smash and Spinning Sword are typical identity supply skills. And Brutal Impact, Volcanic Eruption, Guillotine and Furious Claw are the main DPS skills when the identity is running normally.

We should note that Guillotine is the backbone of Slayer. Guillotine gives you extra damage while identity is active. In order to be safe during identity uptime, you need to be above level 9 gems or have a higher speed stat.

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Also, Furious Claw is a multi-purpose skill. We can use it for identity supply and damage dealing. Wild Rush is a flexible skill. And it’s very convenient in many situations. This is more like a supplementary skill to Slayer’s moves.

In order to get better damage performance, you need to upgrade Tripod in your damage skills first. Then, for smooth identity supply, you also need to upgrade Focus Tripod to get better performance in every attack.

To be honest, Crimson Flame Gem is a pretty good Gem for Slayers with long cooldown skills. The lower the cooldown, the higher the value of Slayer’s skills will be.

Lost Ark: Punisher Slayer Specialization

Skill Combo

There isn’t much to focus on in the skill set. All you need to do is supply your identity to unlock combinations of identity, synergy, and damage. A major part of Slayer’s skill set is flexibility while maintaining an extensive structure. So, most of the show time starts with identity activation.

Anyway, that’s it for this Punisher Slayer build guide. Hope this guide is a little helpful on your journey to Lost Ark. Hope you have excellent results with your Slayer. See you next time.