Ranking All Elder Scrolls Online Expansions


Elder Scrolls Online expansions serve to add to the already successful MMO and keep it labeled as one of the best MMOs out there — But which expansion is worth buying and which are best left alone? Here are all Elder Scrolls Online expansions in order and ranked.

One of the most popular aspects of MMOs like Elder Scrolls Online is the fact it’s constantly changing. New expansions introduce new elements all of which can be enjoyed in a vast landscape filled with detailed lore. However, some expansions fail to match up to the others that sometimes feel like a game in their own right.

It’s worth mentioning that each Elder Scrolls expansion is great in its own way. They all introduce new elements and serve to improve ESO as a whole, therefore ranking the worst doesn’t mean it’s a bad addition. Moreover, it’s also important to note that if you subscribe to ESO plus you’ll get access to all prior expansions meaning if you prefer to get hold of them all, that’s probably the best way to do so.

With that, we’ve ranked all the current Elder Scrolls Online expansions as well as detailed them in order so you know which ones came first and which ones are most recent.

All Elder Scrolls Online expansions in order

Currently, there are six expansions in Elder Scrolls Online. The expansions focus on entire regions rather than DLCs like the Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood. As of 2017, three years after the initial release of ESO, one expansion has been released every year, with there being no sign of that changing.

With that in mind, here’s an Elder Scrolls Online expansions list in order so you know which one is the most recent and which was the first.

1. Morrowind (2017)
2. Summerset (2018)
3. Elsweyr (2019)
4. Greymoor (2020)
5. Blackwood (2021)
6. High Isle (2022)

The best Elder Scrolls Online expansions

Ranking the six available Elder Scrolls Online expansions can be a challenge since they all introduce fan-favorite locations and some extremely successful elements, some undeniably shine brighter than others.

So, if you’re looking to buy a single expansion or if you’re just wanting to put time into the best regions in Tamriel and beyond, we’ve compiled all the expansions from worst to best.

6. Morrowind


Elder Scrolls Online was released in 2014 meaning fans had to wait three years until the release of Morrowind. While that may have skewed its popularity, this expansion came at the perfect time and really sums up what Elder Scrolls Online is all about.

Morrowind introduced new classes, new trials, a beautiful location many adore from Elder Scrolls III, and the extremely popular Battlegrounds. The classes and trials were popular and remain useful throughout the game but many quickly turn their attention away from those additions and toward the new PvP Battlegrounds.

Such a setting satiated players’ hunger to battle against one another and is still one of the most commonly used elements within Elder Scrolls Online despite being nearly six years old. It’s got mini-games, is extremely tough and requires players to think about their characters before going in. Ultimately, Battlegrounds introduced a new element to this popular MMO and Elder Scrolls Online would not be the same without it.

Morrowind is far from a terrible expansion, in fact, one of the only reasons it’s being rated as the worst is due to the fact it’s now included in the base game meaning most players will ignore the expansion and play Elder Scrolls Online as a whole, assuming that’s what it was originally. That and the fact that some of the other expansions had a much larger impact than Morrowind.

5. Summerset


Home of the High Elves, Summerset was a hugely anticipated expansion for Elder Scrolls Online. It became a fan favorite after its appearance in Elder Scrolls Arena and has been mentioned in every other Elder Scrolls game since.

The Summerset expansion introduced some beautiful scenery along with engaging quest lines. On top of the gameplay, this expansion added the Psijic Order which featured both a brand new questline and some interesting skills based around the manipulation of time. Unfortunately, the skills added are far from the most powerful in the game.

Summerset also capitalized on the extensive crafting elements embedded into the MMO. Crafting is a huge element within Elder Scrolls Online and is often the difference between being just a high level or extremely powerful. Players are able to create staffs, swords, bows, armor, and so much more to enchant and heighten their own skills and powers. Then Summerset added Jewelry, enabling a new enchantment and way to increase your power. Which, many players ignore until they are forced to learn the skill.

Summerset was a fantastic expansion that added in some great elements, but the more recent DLCs feel like they blow Summersets success out of the water.

4. High Isle

High Isle

High Isle is the newest addition to Elder Scrolls Online and while it ultimately failed to bring that punch many were used to from the likes of Greymoor and Blackwood, still shone through its political questline.

The High Isle expansion introduced new companions a beautiful location, some political intrigue laced with unforgettable fantasy, and the new card game, Tales of Tribute. The companions provide a great upgrade for Blackwood and aid players through the unseen locations of High Isle while Tales of Tribute introduce a new ‘minigame’ for players to enjoy when they need a break from exploring.

Unfortunately, High Isle often feels like a small addition to the likes of Blackwood and Greymoor, introducing two new companions and another calmer minigame. The card game is minimalistic and easy to understand but feels lackluster when compared to the complexity and replayability of the Antiquities.

Nevertheless, High Isle thrives in its storyline, focusing more on the world of man rather than demons and dragons. It may fall short on some elements but if you’re interested in the storyline, this is one of the best expansions you can get.

3. Blackwood


When it comes to playing MMOs it can often be a little tough when you’re on your own. After all, being both the healer, tank, and DPS is a feat that requires a very particular character build. So, when Blackwood came along and introduced companions, as well as everyone’s favorite villain, Mehrunes Dagon, solo players were naturally thrilled.

Blackwood felt very much like an improvement for the game as a whole rather than just an expansion. Companions were a game-changer for both solo players and those struggling to find that one extra player when traversing Tamriel. On top of that, the quests were enjoyable and featured well-known but challenging enemies to battle.

It’s not got that punch some of the other expansions feature but it introduces some fantastic way of life changes that most solo players adore making it a worthy adversary for the Elder Scrolls Online experience.

2. Greymoor


The Elder Scrolls franchise has a plethora of fantastic, and popular titles. However, few are as popular as Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Released in 2011, the game is equally as popular today and feels much like a staple for open-world RPGs. So naturally, many were a little concerned regarding the release of Greymoor in 2020. Fans were worried the expansion would fall flat when compared to the likes of Skyrim or would fail to encapsulate the rugged beauty many saw in its inspiration.

Luckily, Greymoor did the complete opposite. It managed to bring together all the great aspects of Skyrim and fit it into a perfect pocket of joy. The expansion’s Eastern Skyrim location has many recognizable landmarks along with questlines to feel more like a continuation of Skyrim rather than something to contrast it.

Then there are the other additions in the form of Antiquities. They’re an addictive but wonderful way to acquire new treasures for money or collection purposes. It introduced a new collection experience with puzzles, exploration, and solo adventures. Even if Skyrim wasn’t the main landscape of this expansion, the Antiquities would still make it a fantastic addition to Elder Scrolls Online.

1. Elsweyr


Elsweyr is undeniably the best expansion in Elder Scrolls Online. It’s a region many Elder Scrolls fans again couldn’t explore unless they were playing Arena so the release of this expansion was highly anticipated.

Thankfully, the region lived up to its hype, producing beautiful landscapes, a variety of fantastic quests, and the all-important, Dragons. The initial event when this expansion came out in 2019 had these beasts flying between each World Boss location and players would spend hours going from Dragon battle to Dragon battle. Nowadays, there are not as many players swarming the beasts but the World Bosses are equally as enjoyable and challenging as before, no matter your level.

The addition of Dragons was only made greater through the new Necromancer class. A new spell-based class was undeniably overdue and this delivered perfectly. Elsweyr introduced a fantastic damage class filled with bony protection, element mastering, and of course, reanimating the dead. It’s a fantastic class that makes anyone feel like a worthy fighter.

Ultimately, the entire expansion was a blessing and continues to be such three years on.