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FIFA 23: Olise's Card Will Receive an Update and Become Available

Palace fans, get ready to celebrate as Michael Olise has just been named in the FIFA 23 Team of the Week for his spectacular performance against Leeds United.

The talented winger made history by becoming the youngest player ever to create three goals in open play in a single Premier League match.

His team's dominant 5-1 victory at Elland Road will be one for the books, and Olise's impressive skills on the pitch have rightfully earned him a place in the prestigious Team of the Week. Congratulations to Michael Olise on this incredible achievement!

FIFA 23 Olise

Olise, an extraordinarily talented football player, has been exclusively selected from a vast pool of exceptionally skilled players who hail from various leagues across the globe.

He has been specifically handpicked to be one of the highly sought-after collectible "cards" in EA SPORTS' immensely popular football video game.

This remarkable achievement not only highlights his impressive skills on the field but also recognizes his exceptional prowess and unmistakable contributions to the sport, making him a true standout among many other great footballers.

Olise's incredible skill and talent on the football field has earned him a significant achievement - his card in 'Ultimate Team' mode has received an "in-form" version update.

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This update has boosted his overall rating from an impressive 77 points out of 100 to an outstanding 88. The update has also improved Olise's in-game dribbling rating from 80 to 91 and his pace rating from 80 to 92.

In addition, his passing attribute has been increased from 76 to 89, his shooting from 70 to 82, his defending from 50 to 62, and his physicality from 53 to 65. This impressive upgrade cements Olise's admirable reputation as a noteworthy footballer and is sure to captivate the hearts of his fans around the world.

The admirable No. 7 from the Palace team has made history as the first player from the team to feature in FIFA's Team of the Week for the current season.

Fans can now eagerly anticipate his card becoming available in the game, promptly available for in-game use from 18:00 on Wednesday, April 12th. can provide FUT 23 Coins for players who want to get this card.

This season has been quite the success for the Palace team, with several players receiving special themed 'upgrades' in addition to Olise.

These players include the exceptional Wilfried Zaha, the talented Marc Guéhi, and the skilled Jack Butland. Such themed upgrades showcase the impressive abilities of these football players and their contributions to the success of the Palace team this season.

Guéhi Praises Olise

Marc Guéhi has emphasized that the renewed confidence of the Crystal Palace squad played a significant role in their consecutive victories.

Marc Guéhi praised the displays of various Crystal Palace players, particularly goalkeeper Sam Johnstone who earned his first Premier League start for the club, pointing out that his fantastic saves were instrumental in the team's success.

He thinks Michael [Olise] was amazing. Marc Guéhi emphasized that the team's success was a result of a cohesive effort, and that individual performances naturally shine in such a collective effort. He described it as a true team performance that allowed individuals to stand out, which was a great feeling for the team.

Regarding the upcoming away fixture against Southampton at St Mary's Stadium, Marc Guéhi stressed the significance of taking things one game at a time.

While it may sound like a cliché, our next game is crucial for us. We will use our training week effectively and apply the valuable lessons we learned in our previous match against Leeds to aim for another successful outcome.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Guide To Start Islands Without Resetting

I believe that after many Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have spent a lot of time and energy to start an island that is completely their own, they have the urge to change everything and start from scratch.

Animal Crossing Guide To Start Islands Without Resetting

But completely resetting the game is very costly, players will completely lose their previous items. I’ll give you some helpful advice on where to start and how to do it.

Clean Up The Island

The island is always messy and difficult to take care of at the beginning. But players have to clear out all the space, which will help you have more space to design, and also facilitate foreign players to visit your island.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Clean Up and Gifts

First of all, the player still needs to move all the buildings and other items to the beach, so that you can understand the terrain changes of your island and the design space available to the greatest extent. Players should be patient when cleaning up the space. You must spend more time planning carefully, which will help you in the subsequent space planning.

Storage Items

Fortunately, some items on the island are easier to move than buildings. Players can store these items in their rooms for emergencies. However, due to the influx of items into the room, the storable space in the room may fill up very quickly.

Of course, if you are using patch 1.6 or higher. You can chat with Tom Nook. This will help you increase storage space from 1600 to 2400. Especially important for those players who like to collect furniture or clothing.

Handling Flowers

Some players may have collected a lot of beautiful flowers while decorating the island, especially rare hybrid flowers of some special varieties.

However, there is no way to store these flowers for a long time, and there is almost no good way to deal with them other than trading them for Animal Crossing: New Horizons Items. So the existence of these flowers also troubled many players. There will be two solutions here.

First, players can plant flowers in the sand. Because they don’t grow on sand at all. However, it should be noted that if you are clearing the island at this time, the beach is full of buildings, then you will not be able to use this method.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Handling Flowers

The second way is to ask a friend for help. You can keep these flowers in their islands until you are completely ready to start over. Although there are some troubles in moving it back and forth, in the long run, this is a way to get the best of both worlds.

Find Inspiration

If you already have an idea for your new island, or want to get your hands dirty first. Regardless, I would recommend spending some time planning out what items to fill your island with, including decorations, plants, buildings, etc.

You can also get inspiration by visiting some other player’s islands in Dream Suite, or in existing islands in other worlds. You have to believe that your possibilities are endless. Don’t worry, with a lot of time, you will definitely be able to create your own island.

Pre-plan Location

Whether you’re after an extreme sense of regular symmetry, or you prefer a looser, more natural feel, it’s important to keep everything in place. There are also some special terrain and changes in the position of water areas, which will make the overall planning more difficult. Because the existence of these terrains and water bodies usually have certain restrictions on the planning of buildings and objects.

In fact, there is still a tool here that can help you customize the placement path of buildings and plants, which can help you not make any mistakes or run out of space during the placement process.

Practice Terraforming

Novice players may struggle to recreate the terrain, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze. Also, mastering the ability to terraform will go a long way in helping you create twin waterfalls, and even create a whole new world with endless possibilities.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Easy Terraforming Trick

One thing to note is that you need to be aware of the water conditions on your island. This will determine what kind of fish you can catch. If you want to tune in to every fish, be sure to include the location of these water bodies in your planning premise.

Preserve A Gathering Place For Villagers

Of course, don’t forget to leave a place as a gathering point for villagers. At least in the long run, it’s a good idea. Players can gather in front of Town Hall Square. Don’t forget to plan ahead on specific locations if you want villagers to trade items again.

You can also create a new cafe or restaurant on your island, but if it doesn’t attract villagers, it’s probably not a good idea either. Of course, you can also use AI to attract villagers to visit. Villagers tend to prefer areas with a clear view. You can also place more benches around to make it easier for villagers to stay.

Based On One’s Own Will

In fact, island ratings really mean little to your overall gameplay, and there’s no need for island ratings to hinder you from creating your favorite islands. Especially in games where you forget about all constraints and create an island that you really love.

Players can choose the life they want in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Every game player can get new inspiration for decoration. Players can’t always get what they want in life, but in Animal Crossing they can. This is why it is so special in the hearts of players. Creating a warm and friendly community, having a unique world, it must be very good.

Elden Ring: The release of DLC made me less eager to fight Malenia

After Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC was announced, it received a lot of extensive adulation. However, it has special significance for JPNB. During the day, JPNB's occupation is a teacher. Usually, he has been working hard to fight with Elden Ring Megaboss Malenia, Blade of Miquella, until the official announced the Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree expansion.

Elden Ring Malenia

"That day, I was listening to an audiobook and was on the way to work. As a result, my friend called me on Discord," JPNB said that he was the moment he knew the announcement. "For a moment, I felt unprecedentedly relaxed, as if all the troubles were gone. But, I was a little sad, because I have been working hard for so long."

As a FromSoft fan, you must be familiar with mad displays of devotion. In Elden Ring, there are rich mechanisms, open, mysterious stories and various challenging challenges, which will make you obsessed with this game. Moreover, its huge charm is enough to continuously excavate knowledge and data, as well as those seemingly unreasonable boss challenges. For JPNB, Elden Ring Daily Update is a fan ritual, indicating that he is output. There is a series on YouTube. After Elden Ring's initial E3 2019 reveal, it remained silent for a long time. During the silence, you will find a new video uploaded to YouTube every day. "Until today, there is still no news related to Elden Ring," many videos think so. However, as the game gradually approaches the release time, the scattered operation time spikes corresponding to the emergency news give way to a stable stream of the actual updates.

For those tests in Elden Ring, JPNB has a lot of ideas. One of them is to play such a role, that is, "a student who always puts in as little effort as possible but has no reason to get high scores." JPNB has a guess, that is, they "may be a user of Rivers of Blood." This refers to the bloody and edgy theme of this game, and a katana with a powerful power before. In May 2022, JPNB began to build the first build. In addition, this building can prove that this unhygienic samurai sword once had its glory days, and the feature is the build with the theme of "Ultra Instinct Melina".

In fact, what really made JPNB's output stands out of this incident: its build diversity. Because the files can be saved before the battle, and for providing the respec-providing defeated boss Rennala, players can easily access it, so these make every battle of Malenia have a new role style. For his day 61 build, I am his fan. At that time, his initial character was wearing a fashionable Fingerprint Armor, Iron Kasa and Twinned set ensemble, and wielded Rivers of Blood. However, from day 59, I think this pure caster is also very good, as well as the cosplays of the blind swordsman teachers of Malenia, Morgott, ST. Trina and other lore characters.

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"I have an electronic table, all of which are my plan, but I have never completed them," JPNB said that he never needs such a planned future video plan. "Now, I decide to do a Sister Friede build from Dark Souls 3. All you have to do is hide in a corner and wait for your summon to defeat Malenia. "

JPNB's previous challenges were once a day, but now they are once a week, as he made commitments to many of his more pressing real-life priorities, as well as variety, and he had to keep them. "Now, I find myself losing much time with my daughter," JPNB explained. "I won’t grind out my builds, and I don't want to take much damage from those powerful bosses." This matter is very important, because as a teacher, he will shape and mentor the students.

Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree

Nevertheless, JPNB is still very grateful for this unforgettable experience: "Actually, I have been thinking about whether I can be a responsible and good father, so when I found out that I was about to become a father, I filmed this video series to do some kind of therapy on myself. One of the things that helps stop those intrusive thoughts is doing a difficult challenge every week."

Previously, JPNB had a weekly duel with the toughest boss in the Souls series, and the matchup was creative. I really miss more Elden Ring Runes. However, when they have completed their courses and achieved their original purpose, it is a good situation that this matter is over. After all, JPNB needs to teach his students and also needs to raise his children.

Here, there's one more person who's still working on a bit or fan ritual much like this. In Dark Souls 3, there is a final boss that is Slave Knight Gael. YouTuber lellollo, on the other hand, throws himself into this easier battle every day than Malenia. However, it is not that easy. They've promised themselves that they'll keep doing that until the day Shadow of the Erdtree is released. I've found that whenever there's an official announcement about a pending FromSoft reveal in any form, there are always going to be some players doing something really weird to mark the passage of time.

12 NWSL Teams And Portland Thorns Will Appear In FIFA 23

Yes, you read that right. The Thorns are indeed in the game.

Currently, Electronic Arts has partnered with National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) and the league's players association. After that, a total of 12 NWSL teams will appear in FIFA 23, and they will be launching on March 15.

Regarding this cooperation, the content inside is four NWSL stadiums, starheads, authentic kits, celebrations and trophies. EA SPORTS has been working hard to promote the development of women's football. And this cooperation event not only promotes the development of women's football, but also makes you feel more real.

The integration of NWSL and FIFA 23 will officially begin ahead of the 2023 NWSL season opener on March 25. At that time, there will be Kick Off, Co-op Seasons/Head to Head season, Tournament Mode and Online Friends on all platforms.

FIFA 23 12 NWSL Teams

Here you can browse the press released at that time:

Today, Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA), the National Women's Soccer League and the National Women's Soccer League Players Association (NWSLPA) were here to announce a partnership. At the same time, for EA SPORTS, this would also become part of their continuous efforts to improve and make the women's game more realistic.

"For the league, players, and many fans, the cooperation between EA Sports FIFA 23 and NWSL is a milestone. In the future, we will continue to contribute to the development of women's games" said Jessica Berman, NWSL Commissioner." In the world, some of the best athletes are the ones who think of NWSL as their home. This time, we're taking their talents one step further and bringing them to you through this unique gaming experience. We couldn't be happier with this. So, we want you to start playing soon. And, we look forward to celebrating the league and the players with you as we begin our 11th season on March 25."

Kick Off, Co-op Seasons/Head to Head season, Tournament Mode and Online Friends will be available on all platforms starting March 15, and all 12 NWSL teams will also be featured on these platforms. This time, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23 will also offer four NWSL stadiums, star portraits, authentic jerseys, celebrations and trophies. If you are interested in them, you can use FUT 23 Coins to get them, thereby improving your sense of gaming experience.

"We are enthusiastic that EA SPORTS will continue to change women's football. This time, we have successfully established a partnership with NWSL and NWSLPA that will effectively advance the game," said Andrea Hopelain, SVP of Brand, EA SPORTS. "We've been working hard on being the champions of football for the future. And also, trying to bring you a really good authenticity."

In addition, for the performance of the players on and off the pitch, EA SPORTS and NWSLPA will focus on this and help the players to continuously improve.

NWSLPA's Executive Director, Meghann Burke said: "The players are the beating heart in every experience you have. Bring your excitement through their passion, seriousness, perseverance and dedication to football. Today is a historic day, both for our players and for you. It's an exciting time for women's football. We're really looking forward to this major partnership with EA SPORTS. Hopefully, we can win titles in the game and keep creating new opportunities for you to interact with these great players."

The start of the 2023 NWSL season is currently scheduled for Saturday, March 25. A total of 12 teams competed on the opening weekend of the league's 11th season. The CBS Sports platform includes CBS Sports Network, CBS Television Network and Paramount+. At that time, CBS Sports platforms will also have the 2023 UKG NWSL Challenge Cup and the regular season.

Electronic Arts

The global leader in digital interactive entertainment is Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA). The company develops and delivers games, online services and content for mobile devices, personal computers and networked consoles.

In the fiscal year 2022, the GAAP net income reported by EA was about $7 billion. Currently, EA's headquarters are in Redwood City, California. And, it has become very famous due to its series of premium brands with many positive reviews. These premium brands include Apex Legends™, Battlefield™, EA SPORTS™ FIFA, F1®, Madden NFL, Need for Speed™, Plants vs. Zombies™, The Sims™ and Titanfall™.

Electronic Arts Inc's trademarks include Apex Legends, Battlefield, EA, EA SPORTS, the EA SPORTS logo, Need for Speed, The Sims, Titanfall and Plants vs. Zombies. F1, FIFA, NFL and John Madden are the property of their respective owners and are licensed to use.



As the world's premier women's professional soccer league, the National Women's Soccer League has national team players from all over the world, and these players are very good. These clubs include Washington Spirit, San Diego Wave FC, Racing Louisville FC, Portland Thorns FC, Orlando Pride, OL Reign, North Carolina Courage, NJ/NY Gotham FC, Kansas City Current, Houston Dash, Chicago Red Stars and Angel City FC.


The labor union that represents all NWSL players is the NWSLPA. NWSLPA can represent the ideas of the players. In January 2022, the first Collective Bargaining Agreement in the history of U.S. domestic women's professional soccer was approved by NWSLPA.

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