New World Roadmap Reveals Plans for Winter Convergence Festival and 2023 Updates


A roadmap revealing many of the biggest changes coming to New World has been revealed during the New World Dev Update for December, including some features that have long been requested by players. New World will soon be getting transmog, gear set storage, 20-player groups, changes to crafting tiers, territory wars, and some challenging new PVE content.

New World Roadmap

Amazon Games' New World has made big changes in its first year online with major updates on a regular basis that have addressed many of the issues players had at launch. Nearly every month since its release, New World's updates have introduced new content, weapons, events, system reworks, and quality-of-life changes that have significantly improved the game in many areas. As a result, leveling has become quicker, crafting is easier, combat is more fluid, the early game is more streamlined, and there's plenty of content for endgame players. While the game's population may not be what it was in its early days, current New World players seem to be growing more satisfied with the experience.

A roadmap for New World's future changes was laid out during December's New World Dev Update, and it's refreshing to see the enthusiasm the dev team has for the upcoming content. The Winter Convergence event will be returning, where players can team up to fight Winter Warrior seasonal boss for festive rewards, and the colorful holiday decorations will be returning to settlements including the new Brimstone Sands area. A mashup between the Starstone and Amrine Expeditions is also on the way, which will give late and endgame players an opportunity to revisit these lower-level Expeditions with new challenges and paths.

A transmog system for New World is finally coming which has long been one of the most highly requested features and will allow players to express themselves by equipping their favorite collected appearances. A gear set storage system is also on the way and will be a major improvement due to New World's classless gameplay often requiring players to switch between many sets of gear for different purposes. Crafting tiers are also being adjusted so that many recipes can be crafted regardless of the crafting station's level, while named and other advanced items will still require T5 stations.

On the territory side, the developers plan to crack down on territory control exploits in New World by limiting the effectiveness of "shell companies," meanwhile the contributions required for completing town projects are being reduced by 70-80% so that companies can more reliably complete upgrades. New cinematics, quality-of-life changes, a hardcore Sandworm Elite Trial for the toughest PVE players, cross-world Outpost Rush, and a free weekend are just a few of the other things to look forward to in the near future.