Top 10 Deadliest Things In WoW Classic Hardcore Azeroth


WoW Classic Hardcore went live on August 24th. And so far, Death has claimed 2,961,039 player characters. Around the clock, that’s about one death every 1.5 seconds.

There are plenty of ways to become a ghost, but the top 10 causes of death are doing work, claiming one soul every 10.6 seconds. So, who are these killing machines? Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Deadliest Things in Azeroth.

Top 10 Deadliest Things In WoW Classic Hardcore Azeroth

#10: Kobold Tunneler

Kill count: 28,437.

These guys are found near the Fargodeep Mine, to the south of Goldshire in Elwynn Forest.

A quest sends you out, looking for Gold Dust and Large Candles that these kobolds carry. This is pretty basic stuff. But it can be tough when you’re just starting out.

We’ve all been there. No judgement.

#9: Porcine Entourage

Kill count: 29,039.

Two of these can be found accompanying a boar named Princess in the Brackwell Pumpkin Patch in Elwynn Forest.

A quest from Ma Stonefield sends you in their direction. All three pigs have a charge attack that stuns.

So, for a lot of players, this is their face-first introduction to the joys of getting stun-locked.

#8: Drowning

Kill count: 33,277.

Water can be found just about anywhere, and good, old-fashioned non-sentient lakes, ponds and streams are not to be underestimated.

Breath can run out quickly if you’re not paying attention. So, maybe think twice before accepting a summons from that warlock with a grudge.

WoW Classic Hardcore 2961039 Permadeaths

#7: Other Players

Kill count: 34,894.

By default, PvP is disabled on Hardcore servers, but unless you’re a coward, immediately turn it on.

Battlegrounds are disabled as well, but you can still die for your flag carrier by assembling a pre-made group for war games.

For settling loot disputes, defending one’s honor, or just to prove superior combat prowess, the time-honored tradition of Mak’gora cannot be overlooked.

Duels to the Death are a new feature in Hardcore. Lose, and it’s all over. But win, and you get a stacking buff called String of Ears that keeps count of how much better you are than everyone else is at PvP.

#6: Defias Pillager

Kill count: 35,070.

Found in the western part of Westfall, these range-casters are not to be taken lightly. Even Ragnaros himself gets jealous about how hard their fireballs hit.

Plus, they spawn pretty fast. So, it might be a good idea to get off their lawn before you sit down for a drink. However, if you want to farm more WOW Classic Hardcore Gold, you can do it quickly here!

#5: Wendigo

Kill count: 35,091.

These Yeti-like snow monsters can be found in the mountains of Dun Morogh, just southwest of Ironforge, and, actually, not far from the starting area for Gnomes and Dwarves.

They’re found in fairly dense packs, where attacking one probably means gaining the attention of at least a pair at a time.

And their Frost Breath is a frontal AoE that can hit multiple targets at once, so at least you get to die with your friend.

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#4: Defias Trapper

Kill count: 40,715.

These melee mobs can be found all over central and northern Westfall. They’ve got a Backstab ability that hits like a truck if they get behind you.

It is great for them. Because you’ll probably pull too many and try to run away, at which point they get to crit you in the back and post their sick parse in the Defias guild chat.

#3: Voidwalker Minion

Kill count: 44,891.

Voidwalker Minions can be found alongside their Burning Blade Apprentice summoners in Skull Rock, Durotar.

There are two things about them: One, they don’t de-spawn when their apprentice dies. Surprise! And two, they tend to re-spawn right as you leave the cave.

#2: Kobold Miner

Kill count: 67,717.

Kobold Miners can be found in the Fargodeep Mine and the Jasperlode Mine in Elwynn Forest.

Their Pierce Armor ability reduces armor by 50%. But their environment is really what makes them deadly.

These are some of the first enclosed areas new players come across, and many just aren’t prepared to maneuver safely when fighting.

WoW Classic Hardcore Kobold Miner

#1 Falling

And finally, what is the deadliest thing in Azeroth? The answer is Falling!

The kill count of Falling is 74,273.

At about one bone-crushing splat per minute, the ground is the deadliest thing around.

It’s actually pretty easy to fall from lethal heights in Azeroth, and most classes can’t do anything to save themselves once they’ve mis-stepped.

Descending cliffs is a lot harder than it looks. And, yes, the data really does prove that the elevator boss is incredibly OP.


There you have it, the 10 deadliest things in Classic Hardcore by kill count.

Take a moment to /cry for the 2,961,039 fallen noobs, plus the 182 that died while you watched this, but then rolled a new character and got back in it.

Remember to party-up, watch your step, and stay safe out there. For Azeroth!